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WWDC 2013: Live-Update

iOS 7
•Completely redesigned, just go look at it.
•Control Center (access settings easily)
•Multitasking “for all apps with great battery”
•AirDrop (easy data transfer)
•Redesigned Camera and Photos apps (awesome looking)
•Siri and ‘iOS in the Car” (complete integration with in-car system)
•App Store automatic updates
•iTunes Radio (music discovery)
•Activation Lock (powerful theft deterrent)
•FaceTime audio
•Phone, FaceTime, and Message blocking
•Notification sync

Mac Pro
•12-core Xeon (up to)
•Thunderbolt 2.0
•4k Support

MacBook Air
•All-day battery life (7-12 hours)

AirPort Extreme
•802.11ac (3-Stream)
•Beam forming

OS X 10.9 Mavericks
•Finder Tags (easier content discovery)
•Multiple Displays (better screen organization)
•Timer Coalescing (CPU utilization)
•Compressed Memory (helps relieve low-memory)
•App Nap (kills unnecessary power consumption)
•Automatic App Updates (in background)
•iCloud Keychain (stores and encrypts your passwords)

iBooks for OS X
Maps for OS X

Company News:
•900,000 iOS Apps (375,000 iPad specific)
•Paid over 10b to developers to date.
•iMac is #1 desktop, MacBook is #1 notebook.

The new retina MacBook Pro


No more plugging into iTunes, folks! 
iTunes Match - $25/year
iOS 5's new notification center..
10.7 Lion: $29 - July 2011

10.7 Lion: $29 - July 2011